Session Write-ups

Session 33: In Search of Drune

The heroes arrive at a nearby monolith, taken there by their guide Samual Tippins, who wishes them well, again advises them to beware of the Drune and leaves on his cart.

The monolith is a huge dark stone with silver traceries on an island in the middle of a small lake, they are about to wade across it when a phantasmal woman rises from the depths, she sings an enchanting song, causing Brock to fall into a trance. The spectre cradles his head and begins to lower him into the water.

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Session 32: The Poppycock Inn

The heroes woke up in the Poppycock Inn and were treated to some Moonsmilk a rare drink produced by the Moss Dwarves of Orbswallow Village. The proprietor Old Gil told them that she gets it from a trader called Samual Tippins who she did a favour to once, so when he does his trade runs he stops off at the Poppycock Inn to give her first pick.

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Session 30: The Monster in the Woods

Travelling through the Wolf Forest in the direction that Malcolm went the heroes stumble on two ragged guards trapped on a rocky outcropping as a sea of ravenous vermin surge around them, thinking quickly Brock uses torches and oil to part the pestilent tide and rescue the guard. They reveal that they are all that remains of Malcolm’s group, they were following the trail of the vampire when the rats attacked them, while they were dealing with that a dark shape shot out of the trees and grabbed Malcolm they didn’t see where he went.

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Session 29: A Meeting Twixt Man & Beast

The heroes set out for the meeting at Staffstone Tower leaving Malcolm behind to rest and recover from the serious wounds he sustained fighting the vampire, on their way they pass the ruins of the old mage tower where the group once dug a pit for the bronze-golem servitor. Wymar relays the tale of the mutation chamber and their plan to trap the servitor and halt its grisly work to Quentin, upon arrival at the pit they find signs that someone has removed something heavy from the pit, loaded it onto a cart and headed in the direction of Staffstone.

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Session 28: How to Train Your Wyvern

Arriving back in New Seal Land Brock is challenged to single combat by Lann Rivar, he recognises this is a ritualised mating dance/combat practiced by many of the Ice-walker tribes where a female chooses a strong mate that she believes will bring strength and honour to their tribe. Brock proves his strength and is accepted as a worthy mate by Lann, the decide to rebuild a new tribe called the Rising Embers and begin arranging a great feast to celebrate.

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Session 27: The Sheltered Inlet

The heroes arrive at the inlet supposedly used by the pirates, in the distance they can see a ship sailing away bearing a telltale red flag emblazoned with a white skull motif. They identify a number of footprints leading to a hidden cave and determine that the unknown party must have been carrying something heavy between them; a single sentry guards the otherwise dark cave so they wait until nightfall (witnessing a single change of guard) and take out the sentry, Quentin slitting the mans throat, although unfortunately not before he cries out.

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Session 26: Ghost of the Sea

The party is heading along the coast when Quentin spots a figure following them through the nearby woods, carrying a crossbow, when the figuire starts to climb a tree, Quentin startles him and grabs the crossbow. Wymar and Malcolm spot a black rose tattoo on the man’s neck and recall a shady Roheline assassin organisation by the name of the Black Rose Brotherhood. The man claims to be trying to claim the 2000 gold piece bounty placed on the heroes head, Quentin kills the would-be assassin with his own crossbow.

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Session 25: A Curious Proposal

Arriving back in New Seal Land the heroes dicuss Mercy Dixon’s proposal that a tower be built in the area, it seems that Brannan is keep for the castellan of each tower to be chosen from the people that live in that area so that they can best represent their interests; after some discussion the heroes accept the offer but suggest that the tower be moved within the bounds of New Seal Land, although Mercy will have to confirm this with her Lord she doesn’t believe that it will be an issue.

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Session 24: Return to Deersun

The heroes set out for Deersun planning to bury the body of Gordon Sinclair however, on the way, they discover a cavern system apparently being used by a group of pirate slavers. Sneaking into the cave they engage in a pitched battle where most of their henchmen are slain by the pirates, but eventually they defeat them, causing the pirate leader to escape into the sea using a magical cloak that allows him to take the form of a manta ray. They interrogate a pirate prisoner and discover that their leader is called Reaper Kellam, a pirate lieutenant of the dreaded Kathering ‘the Ghost’ Allson.

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