Maps Discovered by the Heroes

Various maps and diagrams that the heroes have discovered on their adventures in Valkonnen.

Cave Treasure Map. Found on the bear-savaged remains of a frozen corpse. Cave Treasure Map

Drune Map. Discovered amongst a pile of papers in the Sena Stronghold.

A map showing the location of some sort of Gateway, it would appear to be located in the Wolf Forest a few days to the east of New Seal Land.

Map of Chaos Shrine & Griffon Lair. A mouldering map showing the area to the east of Wintershold Keep.

The map has two points of interest marked on it, there are notes written by the side of each by hand:

  • Shrine of Chaos: Approx 3 days NE of Wintershold – “It seems the cold brings the end times, but some have given into a hedonistic lifestyle and have embraced nihilism, they have built a shrone to whatever dark powers they worship here.”

  • Griffon Lair: Approx 3 days NE of Wintershold, half a day NW of the Chaos Shrine – “A fell beast combining aspects of lion and hawk makes its lair in the Munborg Woods, it preys on our horses, but we have not the manpower to dislodge it.”

Red King Map. Discovered in an animal hide tent at the site of the vampire infested logging camp.
Red King Map

Sena Map of Valkonnen.

A map created by the ancient Sena that shows the geographical layout (at the time) of Northern and Southern Valkonnen.

It also shows the following:

  • The location of three Sena strongholds.

  • A huge forest on the western side of South Valkonnen that does not seem to correspond to anything present in current times.