Major NPCs

A list of the major non-player characters who are currently active in and around Valkonnen.

Cotton Nichol. Village defender turned vampire.

Once a doughty and stern warrior who helped the heroes organise the defenders of New Seal Land, the towering Cotton Nichol was captured and turned into a vampire following a raid on the village. With his humanity dwindling, Cotton promised to put as much distance between himself and the village as he could.

Crimson King/King of Blood. Ancient Vampire Lord bound to the White City in times gone by.

A mysterious vampire of great power reputed to dwell in a White City set far in the frozen northern peaks, according to writings found he appears to have some connection to a figure known as Brondar-Laht the last of the ancients, founder of the Solar Knights and first wielder of the Sunsword.

Katherine ‘the Ghost’ Allson. Notorious pirate leader.

A notorious pirate captain known for her ability to confound the odds and escape she leads a fleet of three ships flying a red flag with a white skull, assisted by her second-in-command Reaper Kellam.

Mercy Dixon. Loyal castellan of Staffstone Tower.

Castellan of Staffstone Tower, seemingly loyal to Seth Brannan but has a sensible head on her shoulders, particularly for military matters.

Peggy Greenteeth. Wronged priestess turned meddlesome hag.

A pustulent hag that lurks in caves new Deersun and who menaced the village using her magics before the heroes were able to broker a piece of sorts.

Remember McCord. Bandit leader in exile.

A young, female outcast from Fort Eastburn who was outlawed for daring to oppose the current ruler Seth Brannan, leading her men out of the Fort they operated as bandits for a while before meeting the heroes and settling in New Seal Land. Most of McCord’s men were killed during a Dire Wolf attack on the village.

Seth Brannan. Power-hungry lord of Fort Eastburn.

One-time seneschel of Fort Eastburn who took over rulership when the previous lord died under mysterious circumstances, he is reputed to have blasphemous arcane powers, but mainly seems to be concerned at the moment with fortifying Valkonnen against potential takeover from Roheline.