Currently Active

  • Wymar Longrove: One of the first three adventurers to leave New Seal Land, Wymar is a grizzled soldier who previously served in the armed forces of the mercantile Caystone Republic back in Roheline; fallen on hard times he travelled to Valkonnen with the original settlers seeking to make a new life for himself.

Currently Inactive

  • Leopold Stavish: An outspoken Dwarven craftsman who travelled to Valkonnen with the original settlers of New Seal Land, although he did not join the adventurers until a short time later. Leopold was one of the driving forces behind aiding the Frost Dwarves and stay with the group for a time before deciding to return to Roheline and recruit more of his race to travel back to aid their Valkonnen-based kin. His current whereabouts are unknown although there are rumours that he has accepted a teaching position at a prestigious college of engineering.

  • Oskoris Uritoris: A thoughtful man who was surprisingly as good with a pen as he was with his fists and attempted to conceal his traces of Elven blood; prone to melancholic moods and wandering off for long periods he disappeared from the settlement one day and–by the time people realised something was wrong–he could not be found. Oskoris would later re-appear wielding the Night Blade, attacking Quentin and some others at the head of an undead band.