Gods & Immortals

The Old Gods

The Old Gods are a pantheon of deities worshiped in Old Valkonnen before the Great Exodus, their worship is mostly forgotten amongst modern people, however–during the resettlement of Valkonnen–their worship has seen something of a revival.

  • Flayed God: Associated with gold, farming, spring-time and the colour red, it was believed that the Flayed God would periodically slough of her skin to help renew the land.
  • Great Serpent: Deity of light, mercy, winds and the colour white, often depicted as a draconic creature with feathers or a muscular man with scales wearing a feathered head-dress.
  • Judge: Associated with judgement, night, deceit, sorcery and the earth, she became the chief deity of the old Valkonnen pantheon as sorcery became one of the building blocks of their society.
  • Shining One: A deity of war and human sacrifice, often associated with the colour blue, he is also the god that represents the sun.
  • Smoking Mirror: Originally a deity of ancestral memory, the night sky, death and cold the Smoking Mirror–also known as the Lord of the Night–was reputed to carry an Obsidian Mirror and is believed to have betrayed the rest of the Old Gods at some point.

There are also an additional two older deities that seem tied with the land and do not appear to be part of the main Valkonnen pantheon (as detailed above), the exact relationship between these two and the other Old Gods is not clear.

  • Horned God: Masculine God of nature, the hunt and the cycle of life, he is most often depicted as a muscular, wild-looking figure wearing an antlered head-dress.
  • Mother Goddess: Goddess of feminity, motherhood, fertility, creation and destruction, she is often depicted as a young woman, a pregnant woman or a wise old woman.

The Young Gods

Gods that arose following the Great Exodus from Valkonnen and that are worshipped by most people throughout modern day Valkonnen and Roheline.

  • The Kalna Ancestors: A group of eight Dwarves who aided Leander in helping guide people to Roheline, the Dwarves believe that they act as intermediaries between their people and the Golden God Leander.
  • Leander, the Golden God: The primary deity of Roheline society, Leander is the ascended form of the priest who originally lead the Exodus from Valkonnen ahead of the great ice-age. In popular depiction he seems to share some similarities with the Old Valkonnen deity the Shining One.